Please click on the link below to see what other multi-track, model railroad Trainmasters have been talking about. The clip is from the Train scene in the 1951 movie, People Will Talk, produced by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

We hope you enjoy it.

People Will Talk

For your viewing pleasure - look what others are doing at HOME.

A really Steaming Hudson steam engine

G is for G-Scale and Germany where this Challenger steam engine is running

Here are some videos taken at recent train shows.


Trainmasters - Winter Show Video A

Trainmasters - Winter Show Video B

Trainmasters - Winter Show Video C


Greenberg Train Show - March 2017

Amtrak tours the layout (trains donated to the club by Nick Massa)

Pennsylvania Mixed freight rambles along (trains donated to the club by Nick Massa)

Railfanning with Amtrak Nick

TRV views more Trainmasters' trains

Somerset County 4-H Fair

Trainmasters at the Strasburg (PRR Railroad Museum)


Winter Show 2016 - A family view

FZEP Model Trains Trailer

June 2015 Train Show Part 1

June 2015 Train Show Part 2

June 2015 Train Show Part 3

METCA Show 2015 Part 1

METCA Show 2015 Part 2

METCA Show 2015 Part 3

Hornception: Lionel S2 Electric

BEEP Train 2015

2015 4-H Fair VI-1

2015 4-H Fair VI-2

2015 4-H Fair VI-3

2015 4-H Fair VI-4

2015 4-H Fair VI-5

2015 4-H Fair VI-6

2015 4-H Fair VII

Winter Train Show - 2015

Rail Camp 2015

BR&WRR 50th Anniversary - May 2015

BR&WRR 50th Anniversary - and other RR Action - 2015

Trains From Around the World

United Kingdom (The Flying Scotsman)
On Board with the Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman on the East Lancashire Railway

British steam trains at full speed! 2013 - 2015

New Zealand (The Kingston Flyer)
Kingston Flyer

Kingston Flyer

Changing tracks in Japan

Railway new track changing rapid transit system in the city of Mumbai monorail

Italy Frecciarossa - The Red Arrow High Speed Train

United States of America
The first circus train appeared in the United States in 1872. Now - 145 years later - the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus will be folding its tents and its famous circus train will makes its final run

Chasing the Last Circus Train out of Florida

TOP 10 FASTEST TRAINS in the World
10 of the Fastest Trains in the World

Model Railroads From Around the World

Miniatur Wunderland (Germany)
Miniatur Wunderland

Eurospoor 2017 (Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands, November 3, 2017):
Video A
Video B


Small Layout Design Meet - 2014 (Ohio)

Amherst Railway Society Model Train Show 2018 (West Springfield, MA)

Free-moNebraska 2018 Lincoln Model Train Show

RailFanning at Big E Train Show - Jan 2018 (MA):
Video A
Video B