In addition to setting up and running trains on our O-gauge RR, Trainmasters' members complete various projects in each of their years. Currently, these projects are:

1st Year Build a complete, 4-track, O-Gauge layout module

2nd Year Design and build a 19" x 48" scenic landscape board

3rd Year Build either an O-Gauge train car or a structure from a kit

4th Year Complete an electrical lighting project

5th Year Design and Scratch build a structure

6th through 10th Year (Seniors)   Projects are decided on an annual basis.

Some past projects for incorporation into our layout included:
  • Build and install Lift bridge
  • Build and install Turntable
  • Build and install Roundhouse
  • Install operating Sidings and Run-around
  • Switch-over from Track 3 to Track 4 for crossing the lift bridge