Morristown & Erie

The Morristown & Erie is a short line railroad that operates in Morris County, New Jersey. The railroad was chartered in 1895 and still runs today and also helps out with the Whippany Railway Museum's caboose trains. Today the railroad is still going strong and utilizes ALCO power. Over time the M&E acquired many new lines and branches and was even selected to rehabilitate the old Rahway Valley Railroad which at that point was a fallen flag. (2001)

As the Morristown & Erie has different lines that aren't all connected with each other, they have trackage rights on the NJT Montclair Boonton Line and the Morristown Line. M &E also uses the NJT Bergen County Line to interchange freight with the New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad. (NYSW) The Morristown & Erie can be described as a railroad that is well known and can be a good starter job for those who are seeking a career in the railroad industry. Morristown & Erie model trains can also be found but are hard to find. Atlas mainly produces the bulk of the models that were made over the past few years.

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