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Trainmasters were very active in the 2019-2020 year - until Covid-19 hit our shores.

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The TCA Teens Newsletter below has two articles written by Trainmasters' members, Pages 1 and 2

Download the TCA Teens Newsletter Spring 2018.pdf


Another article about Trainmasters - it's activities and its new association with METCA ( Metropolitan Division of TCA in the region around New York City) was featured in the January 2017 issue of The Train Collectors Quarterly (Vol.63, No.1), Pages 11-13.

The article can be seen and downloaded here


The link below will take you to the METCA (Metropolitan Division of the Train Collector's Association) newsletter of Jan-Mar, 2016 which is now on this Trainmasters' website.

Please scroll down to Pages 14 & 15 to see an article written by our own Trainmasters' member, Chase Brickman.

Download the January - March, 2016 Newsletter.pdf

The following two links are from media coverage of two of the Trainmasters' train shows in 2015. This one - about the Trainmasters' Winter train show in January - is for Kathleen Turpin's article featured in the Messenger Gazette.

Winter Train Show - January 2015

15th Anniversary / Spring Train Show - June 2015

Blue Comet Award In 2010, MTH started the Blue Comet Award to be "... given annually to the person or organization who does the most to promote the O gauge hobby to the general public." In 2013, Somerset County 4-H Trainmasters became the 4th recipient of the Blue Comet Award, which we proudly display at our shows. The following link goes to the MTH News Release for that 2013 award.

O-Gauge Railroading Magazine

Trainmasters was featured in the March, 2006 issue of O-Gauge Railroading magazine in a story along with photos by Tony English. The featured articles in this special issue were about Modular Layouts. Individual articles included:
Introduction to Modular Clubs
Module Construction
The Independent Hi-railers - Midwest Division
Modular Railroad Clubs
The Somerset County 4H Trainmasters

The Trainmasters' article, which appeared on Pages 101 - 103, can be viewed by clicking on the tabss below. Additional Trainmasters' photos by Tony English appeared on Page 83 within another article about modular clubs. These photos can be viewed via the 4th tab. The photos on Page 83 were taken at our 4-H Center on Millltown Road in Bridgewater, during one of our Winter shows.

Download the pictures from an article in the 2006 O-Gauge Railroading magazine as a PDF

Download an article from the 2006 O-Gauge Railroading magazine as a PDF (page 1)

Download an article from the 2006 O-Gauge Railroading magazine as a PDF (page 2)

Download an article from the 2006 O-Gauge Railroading magazine as a PDF (page 3)

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