Since its inception in 2000, the Somerset County 4-H Trainmasters has grown from a six youth member club with a couple of adult , volunteer leaders to its 2014-2015 status of 34 members, a dozen adult leaders and many deeply involved parents.

The initial 3-track, 3 train layout has expanded into one that can easily handle six running trains on four tracks with a long, 8-track yard complete with an operating roundhouse.

Trainmasters is a forerunner for youth operated model railroad clubs, and we typically set-up and operate our layout in venues also hosting adult model RR clubs. Our layout is usually one of the largest on display. The interest we generate in the public - both young and old - allows us to continually be invited back.

Trainmasters has been featured in an extensive article in O-Gauge Railroading Magazine (March 2006 issue).

Trainmasters has also been recognized by the O-Gauge manufacturer's world by being the recipient of the 2012 MTH Blue Comet Award, which is given annually to the group or individual that "does the most to present the O-Gauge hobby to the general public".

The Trainmasters' 4-H club has appeared at venues outside of our home in Bridgewater, New Jersey. In Bridgewater, we operate our railroad for the public at our Winter and Spring shows, as well as at the Somerset County 4-H Fair.